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Ozone water generator


Ozone concentration: 120mg/L

Ozone water concentration: 5-10ppm

Air dew point(℃)≤-60℃

Rated power: 380v/50Hz

Power consumption: 7 degree for per kilogramozone

Frequency: 4-20KHz

Electrode diamenter : 12mm

Air inlet pressure: ≤0.1Mpa

Air inlet temperature:  5-35℃

Water inlet temperaturer: 0-25℃

Cooling water: 2T/h for 1kg ozone outpu

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Allied Power’s ozone water generators built in PSA oxygen generator, gas-liquid mixing system, gas-liquid seperation system, produce ozone water directly, ozone water concentration could reach 10ppm.




1.Special power supply, frequency rank 4KHz-20KHz.

2. High concentration ozone generation.

3.No need for regular cleaning or replacement of the electrodes.

4. Smaller size, larger ozone output.

5.Multiple abnormality protection for overvoltage, overcurrent, overloard etc.


Micro-gap dual discharge: Unlike traditional electrodes, Allied Power adopt Micro-gap dual discharge technique, using high strength borosilicate glass and stainless steel. It’s diameter as small as 12mm, discharge gaps is 0.1-0.3mm only, without the need for fuses or coatings. No need for regular cleaning or replacement of the electrodes, to keep the machines running efficiency and enhancing the continuous operational safety and reliability.



High frequency inverter: Allied Power  has manufactures inverters more than 10 years,  owns three patents for ozone generator inverters.  All Allied Power’s ozone system uses high frequency high voltage power supply technology, which frequency can reach 20KHz, has low harmonic pollution and a compact structure. It’s an improvement on medium frequency technology of traditional ozone generator. With high frequency and high voltage, ozone system will be operated more reliably and more efficiently in the long.

1. Frequency:4KHz-20KHz

2.PDF>9  Power factor>0.95

3.Automatic capture frequency resonance point

4.Microcomputer intelligence controller analysis and control system

5. First-class IGBT module

6. Soft start-up circuit designe



1.The parameters are under circumstance of feed by oxygen gas.

2.For more Models and details, feel free to contact us.

3. Real products might slightly different from above description due to tech upgrade.,


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