Municipal Sewage Handling & Waste Treatment

Municipal Sewage Handling & Waste Treatment

For municipal wastewater treatment, you need more than equipment. You need solutions.

Wastewater treatment. In some ways, nothing could be more basic. Harnessing the power that nature uses to cleanse the rivers and streams – air, microbes, gravity, light – the wastewater industry has revolutionized sanitation and brought health to their communities, rivers, streams, lakes and oceans.

However, today’s demands are far from basic. Everyone must do more with less. To keep rates affordable, plant operators manage with less funding, less staff, less space, less energy consumption. You must do more - more treatment as the list of parameters on discharge permits grow and grow. BOD, COD, TSS, fecal coliforms - yes. But also nitrogen, phosphorus, metals, other pathogens and predictably soon, pharmaceutical residuals.

Older systems need to replace and upgrade original equipment. At the same time, utilities are challenged to treat smarter, squeeze more treatment out of the same footprint, reduce energy use and add advanced processes. Newer plants must predict the future, plan for expand ability, and stricter limits.

When the water leaves the plant, it is no longer wastewater, but a highly valuable resource. It is ready for reuse, sometimes directly, or by downstream users, industries, potable water plants, or the ecosystem that depends upon your water for its very life.

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