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300g water ozonator machine price for swimming pool water treatment in uk


HW-O-300 Ozone generator Specification
Ozone Output:  300g/hr
Ozone Concentration:  120mg/ L
Power Supply: 380V / 3PH / 60Hz
Running Power rate: 2.5KW 
Cooling Mode:  Cooling Water 
Flow of Cooling Water: 0.6m3/h
Cooling Water Temp.: 0~20℃ 
Discharge Mode:  High Frequency and High voltage 
Material of ozone chamber: Stainless Steel 304
Material of electrode:  Stainless Steel 316
Material of dieletric:  Quartz Glass Tubes
Relative Humidity:  ≤60%
 Air Dew Point: ≦-45℃
Oxygen Consumption:  2.5m3/h
Installation Environment:  Indoor
Running Environment Temp.:  0-45℃
Storage Environment Temp.: 15℃~40℃
O2 inlet/O3 outlet pipe DN15
Water inlet/outlet pipe DN15
Size:  129*500*1480mm
Weight:  250Kg

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300g water ozonator machine price for swimming pool water treatment in uk
Both ozone capacity and ozone concentration can be adjusted from 10%-100%. We accept OEM and ODM orders.

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Allied Power produce ozone generators from 10g/h to 50Kg/h.
Fujian Allied Power EnTech Co.,Ltd was founded in 2004.Allied Power developed the most efficient and reliable ozone generator with ozone production from 10g/h to 50kg/h.We adopt double micro-gaps dielectric barrier corona discharge (DBCD) technology,quartz glass tubes and SS316L tubes as dielectric medium. High dielectric constant could ensure the ozone generator works stably and produce high concentration ozone.The highest ozone concentration of our ozone generator could reach 230mg/l.

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