Ozone Generator Series

Fujian Allied Power EnTech Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ozone generators. All ozone generators adopt advanced double micro-gaps barrier corona discharge structure. The power supply system is stable and reliable. The high-frequency power supply system design make high efficiency and high ozone concentration. It widely used in water works, industry waste water treatment and exhaust treatment etc. According to customers requirements, we accept ODM and OEM ozone generators from 10g/h to 100Kg/h.

Case Study

AP series ozone generator adopts soft switch high frequency power supply technologies and double micro-gaps barrier corona discharge structure. So AP series ozone generator with high working efficiency and performance stability . It is widely used in municipal sewage treatment, water works water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, industrial exhaust treatment, low temperature denitration, chemical oxidation, space sterilization and other fields. Allied Power provides customers with a complete set of ozone generation systems and high-quality services. The products are widely used in various regions of China and exported to Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America etc.

Candied dried fruit workshop disinfection by ozone generator
Candied dried fruit workshop disinfection by ozone generator
Tannery effluents treatment
Tannery effluents treatment
HW-O-2K Ozone generator system for swine wastewater
HW-O-2K Ozone generator system for swine wastewater
Casting waste gas treatment
Casting waste gas treatment
Chemical industrial wastewater COD degtading
Chemical industrial wastewater COD degtading
Municipal Sewage Handling & Waste Treatment
Municipal Sewage Handling & Waste Treatment




Technical Advantage

◆Stable and reliable

Allied Power has 20 years of power supply development history and accumulated rich experience in power supply development. Unlike most ozone generator manufacturers,Allied Power ozone generator core power supply system is independently developed and produced by ourselves, with an invention patent and many practical patents. The ozone generation system has high efficiency, performance stability, large span of grid fluctuations design make ozone generators continuous and reliable operation.

◆Humanized customization

Allied Power has a complete software and hardware development team, which can realize various control functions according to customer requirements, such as remote monitoring, smart phone display device operation information, group control function etc.

◆Complete quality control system

Allied Power strictly selection each components suppliers and control quality of incoming materials. At the same time, Allied Power has established a 72-hour aging system. Each set ozone generator has to undergone rigorous testing to ensure quality.


Our commitment to service

Quality first, price concessions for the purpose,according to self-product restructuring and market demand-oriented,dedicated to provide customers with satisfactory products and services!

Advisory response speed 100%
Response Speed of Design Drawing 100%
Response speed of after-sales service 100%


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